For people who regularly train in Ninjutsu we have been offering at least one Ninjutsu seminar in Berlin per year with a top-class instructor. Here is the next seminar of this kind:

Shinden-Fudo-Ryu 神傳不動流
10/11 August 2019 (Oliver Piskurek), Berlin

We have been successfully organizing two-day self-defense seminars for students at Berlin’s universities for more than fifteen years on a regular basis. These courses require absolutely no previous self-defense or martial-arts knowledge:

Women’s self-defense for female students
18/19 May 2019, FU Berlin (Susan Bergner and David Krüger)

For people who regularly train Ninjutsu there are plenty of more Ninjutsu-seminars in and outside of Berlin. Berlin seminars can be found on the Berlin Bujinkan-Portal. German-wide Seminars can be taken from the Erlangen Seminar-Portal.